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Smiling Rainbow 🌈⭐️🌈

Life can be difficult at times and during these times we tend to neglect ourselves. But these are times you really need to take care of yourself. Be most kind to yourself, take time to rest, try to eat well and dress up (yes I guarantee you would feel worse if you feel bad and […]

Happy Easter

  Wishing everyone Happy Easter~! On style note, I am wearing a violet dress and a matching purple belt, the colors of Good Friday.

My Favorite Award Sessions Looks Including Oscars

Award seasons have passed with the Oscars and here are just some of looks I loved personally. I think looking at these beautiful actresses with their beautiful dresses make us all daydream, be inspired or just love. Personally, I want to keep my fitness level as I feel, when you have a toned body, most […]

Thank you Australia- Happy Australia Day~! ⭐️

I LOVE Australia! Yes, its my adopted country that I love dearly. I am very thankful to call Australia my home and country. I have traveled and lived in many countries and really feel Australia is one of the most wonderful countries to live. Beside having a beautiful landscape, weather and lovely people, it gives […]


Here goes the mandatory New Year Resolutions… After the new year, most of us do make some kind of New Year resolution. I do every year though I will be the first person to admit, I am hardly successful. I am always curious what my friends and even my clients are putting on their new […]


  2017 was incredibly difficult year for me personally, so I am glad I got through it and really looking forward to the new year. I wish my clients and their families and friends a happy new year filled with much happiness, good health and love. Thank you for supporting me through the year and […]


Suppose we could categorize in three types of people when it comes to luxury items. First, the ones who buy them. Second, the ones who would like to but do not. Third, those who don’t and don’t want to. In my personal opinions certain luxury  brands are good investments because the items hold values. For […]


I think most women LOVE shoes. And even the ones who are not into clothes still love shoes. Why? Beside the obvious reasons they are beautiful/sexy/cute/pretty/, I think perhaps because shoes almost always fit you as your shoes size don’t change like our body size for example. I know for myself, I have 3 different […]