I believe people notice you and appreciate you when you look well dressed. And it’s known fact first impression counts a lot in social settings as well as work place. You want to make best impression when you meet people and how you present yourself speak a big volume. Having matching shoes and bags for example make you appear put together. Wearing clothes that flatter your body shape will not only make you look great but give you confidence. And confidence makes you appear more attractive!

I like to help my clients how to put an outfit together so they can go and able to apply what they learnt in everyday dressing. I also like to help them see what styles of clothing, shoes and accessories flatter them best. Sometimes just putting a right belt or a necklace can really transform an average look to a great look.

And accessories especially are great way to update your looks without spending too much. I recommend every season add new accessories to your wardrobe and build new looks that way. And always buy good quality shoes please! YES people notice shoes and its very unprofessional if your shoes are not in good condition.

Always remember, dressing well gives you confidence to be successful in everything you do!


Warm greetings! I am Clare (aka Bella) behind STYLE WITH BELLA. I have created this blog site to keep in touch with you, my valued clients and anyone who wants to get some ideas and tips on how to dress your best.

Anyone is welcome and I am always happy to meet new people! So please say “hello” , ask any question you have. I will be happy to answer to you all! Please read about me if you want to know about me. Fashion and styling are my passion and its my absolute privilege and joy to help you look your best, feel confident and amazing and be your most wonderful self. Thank you! And I look forward to working with you!

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