Suppose we could categorize in three types of people when it comes to luxury items. First, the ones who buy them. Second, the ones who would like to but do not. Third, those who don’t and don’t want to.

In my personal opinions certain luxury  brands are good investments because the items hold values. For example HERMES bags especially their Birkin and Kelly bags are highly sought after and there’s a big market where people are willing to pay more than retails to have these bags. These bags generally hold their (retail) values and even more if the colors, sizes and styles are highly popular.

And prices of these bags as well as other luxury brands bags increase significantly every year so if you take good care of the bags and they are in pristine to excellent conditions, you would be able to sell and get most of money you paid back. Not bad ins’t it?



Same can be said about other luxury items like jewelry, watches and so on. Of course I dont advise you to buy just for the sake of having them as investment, but if you love luxury brand items, do buy them, enjoy using them and do take care of them just in case you ever want to sell them!

FYI best investment buys are HERMES bags especially Birkin and Kelly, CHANEL bags especially classic types and WOC, and Dior bags (their prices do increase rather significantly).

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