I think most women LOVE shoes. And even the ones who are not into clothes still love shoes. Why? Beside the obvious reasons they are beautiful/sexy/cute/pretty/, I think perhaps because shoes almost always fit you as your shoes size don’t change like our body size for example. I know for myself, I have 3 different clothing sizes and but for shoes, most are same size. Amen to that!

Personally I love high heels but I think regardless of heel height, great shoes really speak a volume about yourself too. Because when you wear shoes that look well polished and compliment the outfit, people do notice. Even men notice shoes! You dont need to splurge on designer shoes and nowadays you can find great shoes in any budget. You just need to find good quality ones.

Some staple styles you should have in your wardrobe are pumps in black or dark navy that you can wear professionally, ballerina type flat shoes that you can wear both professionally as well as casually (I call this weekend wear that still look dressed up but very comfortable). Ankle boots are another staple as they can be dressed up or down and well, they are sexy, aren’t they? And yes you do need one gorgeous heels for night time which can be also worn during the day with pretty dresses.

And I believe yes you don’t need lots shoes but if they make you happy, I think you can never have enough shoes!

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